Virtual Participant questions answered in blue

When is the ride?

This is a two-day ride on Friday, October 23 & Saturday, October 24, 2020.

Or if you're participating virtually, you can complete your mileage anytime between October 1 - October 25, 2020.

How many miles is the ride?

In-person ride: 235 miles. Day one is 101 miles (Athens to Tennille) and day two is 134 miles (Tennille to Bloomingdale - just outside of Savannah).

Virtual Ride: choose your mileage - 25 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles or 235 miles.

What is the ride route?


Day 1:

Day 2:

Ride with GPS:

Virtual riders/runner: your route is anywhere you want.

Why does the ride stop short of Savannah?

Our in-person ride stops 13 miles short of Savannah in Bloomingdale, Ga because the roads get much more hazardous near Savannah and the decrease in your safety is not something we want to risk. This is one of the important reasons we are building the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail - to have a safe, road separated paved trail connecting to Savannah.

Is the in-person ride on all asphalt roads?

Yes, the in-person ride is on all paved roads. We take the less traveled roads when possible to keep cyclist conflict with cars at a minimum.

What are ticket prices? 

For the in-person ride (limited to 50 people) registration fees are $78/person for the early bird if you register by August 31, 2020. Starting Sept. 1, the registration fee is $128/person.

In-person riders also have a required minimum fundraising amount of $378.00. Your registration fee does go toward achieving this $378 goal. If you don’t raise $378 by the day after the ride on October 25, you will be charged the difference. For example, if you raised $290 and are short your fundraising minimum, then we will charge your card on file the difference of $88.00 on October 25.

For virtual riders, runners or walkers, your registration fee is $31.50 with no required minimum fundraising amount.

What if I don’t want to ride 235 miles in 2 days? Can I still participate?

YES! You have two options.

Want to ride in-person, but not ride the entire 235 miles? Build a team that can RELAY the ride from Athens to Savannah. This means you take a portion of the ride and work with friends to take the other portions.

How do tickets work for a RELAY team?
Tickets for RELAY: Each RELAY rider will need to purchase a ticket under their team. For our purposes, we will count each relay team as ONE RIDER for the purposes of our overall count, since we want to keep riders to a maximum of 50 people at all times. RELAY teams will not be riding together at the same time, but instead trading off at each rest stop.

Pricing for RELAY: Each RELAY participant is required to pay a $40 registration fee (early bird pricing before Sept 1) or $70 registration fee (starting Sept 1).
Fundraising: Minimum fundraising for each RELAY team member is $189 (registration fee counts towards this minimum).

Examples of RELAY:
Great option for couples or teams of 2: Two cyclists rotate between each rest stop, when one cyclist isn’t riding, they are driving the car with bike rack the two cyclists share.

Great option for locals: A team of 9 cyclists takes each section between rest stops. When each cyclists is finished with his or her portion of the ride, they either ride back home or have a friend pick them up.

See below the rest stops so you can plan which sections to relay:

(Based on an average 17-mph speed)

7am Check-In & Bag Drop-Off Begins @ Jittery Joe's Roaster in Athens
8am Ride Begins! @ Jittery Joe's Roaster in Athens
(1) 20 mile marker: Crawford - 9:15 am (leave 9:30)
(2) 42 mile marker: Union Point 11:00 am LUNCH (leave 12:00)
(3) 73 mile marker: Sparta 2:00pm (leave 2:30)
(4) 101 mile marker: downtown Tennille 4:30

DAY 2:
8am Ride Begins! @ downtown Tennille
(1) 115 mile marker: Wrightsville 8:45am (leave 9am)
(2) 141 mile marker: Swainsboro 10:30pm (leave 10:45am)
(3) 178 mile marker: Statesboro 1:00pm LUNCH (leave 1:45)
(4) 210 mile marker: Guyton 3:45pm (leave 4:15)
(5) 235 mile marker: Bloomingdale community center 5:45pm

How does virtual participation work?
Since 2020 has thrown us a lot of curve balls, we’ve decided to scale back the in-person ride to 50 riders and offer a virtual ride experience to everyone else!

Virtual participation means you decide:
1) How much mileage you want to cover: 235 miles, 100 miles, 50 miles, 25 miles, 10 miles?
2) Do you want to bike, run, walk this mileage?
3) In what amount of time do you want to complete your mileage?
We ask that you complete your mileage between October 1 - October 25, 2020.

When you register, these are the participate options you’ll see:



What is the fun of participating VIRTUALLY?


We're creating a virtual experience for you via video. With each small town you go through virtually (by completing the mileage to get to that town), we send you a video from a local with exciting storytelling from that town - giving you a personal experience in each Georgia Hi-Lo Trail/ Athens to Savannah Ride community.

How do we keep up with mileage virtual riders have completed?

Virtual riders post mileage updates daily or weekly on their personal AthSav websites (we give each participant a site when you register). When the AthSav management team sees your mileage update on your site, we'll email you a video for each town you've been through VIRTUALLY - starting in Athens and traveling south to Savannah.

If I’m participating virtually, how do I track my mileage?
If you have a GPS tracking devise like a Fitbit, Apple watch or Garmin that you take with you on runs or bike rides, then this will track your mileage for you.

If you’re going to bike this virtually on a bike trainer or spin bike, then you can purchase a cadence censoring monitor which will track your mileage.

Here are links to two we like:
Wahoo RPM Cycling Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth/ANT+ for a spin bike $40
Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth / ANT+ for a bike trainer (where you use your own road bike on a trainer) $60

Each time you complete a ride, log your mileage on your personal Athens to Savannah Ride fundraising website and post on your social media page. By logging your mileage on your personal site, you will keep up with your activity and your donors/potential donors can see your progress!

For virtual riders, achieving your goal is on the honor system.



What’s included in the ticket price?

  • Fully supported SAG ride (in-person riders only)
  • Snack stops & lunch each day (in-person riders only)
  • Friday night dinner & 1st day awards (in-person riders only)
  • Saturday morning breakfast (in-person riders only)
  • Ride t-shirt (virtual & in-person riders)



What are additional costs associated with the in-person ride not included in ticket price?

  • Hotel rooms each night
  • Saturday night dinner in Savannah
  • Transportation from Athens, Lake Oconee, Statesboro or Savannah to start of ride or back home to these locations. We may provide a shuttle back to Statesboro/ Lake Oconee/ Athens on Sunday if we have enough people interested in this option. Let us know if this interests you and we’ll figure out pricing for the amount of people interested.



Where are the cyclists staying for the in-person ride?

We have hotel room blocks reserved in Athens, Sandersville & Pooler (6.5 miles from the end of the ride and 13 miles from Savannah).

See below for room block information:
Price of hotel room not included in price of ride.

Optional Thursday night, October 22
Non-Athens riders stay at Graduate Hotel in Athens (Booking Link here:

  • $126 Room Rate after taxes & fees


Required: Friday night, October 23 
Non-Sandersville riders stay at Quality Inn in Sandersville (Quality Inn, Sandersville: (478) 553-1414, reserve under group name Athens to Savannah Ride)

  • $72+tax Room Rate
  • You aren’t required to stay at the Quality Inn in Sandersville, but you will need a place to sleep somewhere in the Sandersville area. If you have family or friends in Sandersville you’ll be staying with, that’s great! Please let us know.

Optional Saturday night, October 24
Non-Savannah riders stay at Quality Inn, Pooler (Quality Inn, Pooler: (912) 748-0017, reserve under group name Athens to Savannah Ride)

  • $116.87 Room rate for Double Queen after taxes and fees
  • $111.22 Room rate for Single King after taxes and fees 



I'm an in-person rider. How do I get back to Athens after the ride?

As logistics for mass transportation are particularly difficult with Coronavirus restrictions this year, we suggest having a family member or friend pick you up after the event to take you back to your car at the starting point in Athens (Jittery Joe’s Roaster at 425 Barber Street, Athens, Ga) or wherever you need to go after completing the ride.

If this isn’t possible, register for our shuttle (before & after ride):


What is your cancellation policy?

If we need to cancel the in-person ride due to Coronavirus restrictions, we will refund your in-person ticket fee in-full. Any fundraised dollars are not refunded and will go to support the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail.

If you need to cancel your participation in the in-person ride because you are sick or your plans changed, we will refund 50% of your ticket fee.

No virtual ride fees or fundraising will be refunded. 



Does everyone who rides the Athens to Savannah need to fundraise?
It depends.

If you are an in-person rider, then you have a required fundraising minimum of $378 that each rider is asked to raise in order to participate. Your $78(early bird ticket) or $128(regular ticket) registration fee goes towards this fundraising minimum.

If you don’t want to include friends and family in supporting your ride, then you can pay the $378 in-full and be done.

However, we highly encourage you to ask friend and family to support your ride and the trail! When you include your friends, family and peers in the Athens to Savannah Ride by asking them to support your ride - this gets more people involved, invested and informed about the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail so we can get this trail built faster!

If you’re a virtual rider, then your registration fee is $31.50. Your virtual ride purpose is to fundraise by asking people to sponsor your mileage that you’ve promised to ride throughout October. There is no fundraising minimum required for virtual riders.


 How do you make fundraising easy?

Ok, we get it. Most people hate fundraising. We’re here to help!

We give each participant a fundraising website, which you can email out to friends and family. Your Athens to Savannah Ride fundraising page also links to Facebook if desired so you can ask your social network to support you as you ride, walk or run to raise funds for the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail.

We also give you example emails, videos and social material to use in fundraising so you don’t need to put a lot of time into creating your own material if you don’t want to or don’t have time to.

For example, if you get twelve friends to sponsor your ride by funding one inch of the trail at $31.50, then you will have achieved your $378 minimum fundraising amount. Challenge friends and family to sponsor your participation with $1/mile you ride, run or walk. That could be anywhere from 235 miles/$235 or 25 miles/$25.



What are fundraising milestones for the Athens to Savannah Ride?
The current estimated cost per mile to build a 12-foot wide concrete paved trail is $2 million/mile. Based on these numbers, we have calculated below how your fundraising efforts will help us build the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail.


Ok, I'm ready to fundraise! How do companies or individuals sponsor me?

Great question. Obviously if a team or individual brings in a sponsor, they'll get the sponsorship credit toward their team or individual goal. Send the sponsoring company or person a link to your individual or team page and they can easily donate there. For organizations/ corporations, they click the box "Make this gift on behalf of an organization" and fill out their organization or corporate name. If donors/sponsors prefer to write a check, make the check payable to the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail and note the name of the person or team they are supporting. Mail all checks to the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail, 7913 Ga Hwy 15 North, Warthen, Georgia 31094.  

For sponsors who want to be listed on our sponsor page, email sponsor logos or names to Mary Charles Howard at 

SHARE this dowloadable, printable Athens to Savannah Sponsorship one-pager.


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