Athens to Savannah RideAthSav-Ride-Logo

October 23 - 24, 2020

A two-day, 235-mile supported road ride from Athens to Savannah.




The Athens to Savannah Ride is the annual fundraiser for the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail.

The Georgia Hi-Lo Trail takes the path less traveled…

Trail Vision:

Connect two trail projects to form a 250-mile paved, road-separated path through small Georgia towns from Athens to Savannah.

1) Firefly Trail - begins in Athens and will end in Union Point, a distance of 39 miles when completed. Firefly Trail, Inc. began their work in 2007 and have been true “trail blazers” across small communities in Georgia.

2) Georgia Hi-Lo Trail - will connect to the Firefly Trail in Union Point and continue on to Savannah – a 211-mile stretch through rural Georgia.





This ride was started in 1999 by Ken Sherman, as a challenge from one of his teachers, Wallace Salter. That first year there were just two riders, Ken and Wallace. After a four year hiatus, the ride resumed in 2003, with three others who had heard about their 2-day, 200 mile adventure joining in. The ride grew from there. Now, each year since (with a break in 2019), approximately 100 riders have gathered together to ride this 2-day challenge from Athens, Ga to Savannah.




What’s New:

In 2019, Ken handed the AthSav ride baton over to Mary Charles Howard, Founder of Georgia Hi-Lo and past Founder of the Agro Cycle Tours (farm tours around Athens, Madison & Monroe, Ga from 2011 - 2016).

When the AthSav Ride picks up again in October of 2020, the route will have a slightly new route (& overnight location) through Sandersville, Ga (formerly Louisville). This Athens to Tennille (day one, 101 miles) then Tennille to Savannah (day two, 134 miles) will closely align with the proposed Georgia Hi-Lo Trail path.

In 2020, we will lessen the group of in-person riders to 50 cyclists as a precaution for Coronavirus. We will also add a virtual ride option to the mix.